How to Make a Dirty Martini Recipe

Recipes are intended to help you with a step by step procedure on how you can easily arrange, cook a dish or drink. You should therefore make good use of this and only use those which are clear and in simple terms, for the best follow-up of each step.

An example of a dirty drink recipe

It might be termed old or new dirty martini however the flavour makes them coming back to Martinez. You do not have to keep boarding that airline for a dry martini because the guidebook is simple and doesn’t keep you salivating for long.

You just need to follow the simple guidelines and your neighbors would have one more reason to pay you a visit; just be sure you’ve plenty of olives to please them.

Very simple dirty martini recipeMeadow Lark Vodka MartiniIngredientsA quarter ounce (1/4 oz.) of St. Germaine Elderflower LiqueurTwo ounces 2 (oz.) of Sub Rosa Tarragon VodkaSplash of lemon juiceTwo ounces (2oz.) soda water


You’ll have to put the products together in martini glasses according to the visitors you may have and add icy, breezy, cold ice and shake well. It is now all set to drink.

You must also look at the end of the recipe that include the number of people it can serve and how long after preparation, the meal or drink has to be served. This covers any messing up or taste that may change in case of cooling for food or melting in dirty martinis. You can even take a little guidance on why each ingredient is used and the benefits it has on their health and wellbeing. This could give you an upper hand with other individuals because they will not only get the impression but you will prove that you actually are concerned about their well being. Advice of specific brands and manufacturers with their emphasized assessment help to reply any question your visitor could have in mind.

Points to consider when planning a recipe

1. You have to get professional advice or guide if you are not sure of the way to go. This should save you the embarrassment to get the wrong impression from the guest.2. Know your product very well and know each component so that if any interview come up; if they come in future, you will be in the advisor’s seat and not the criticized cook.3. Try first before you write down your own experiences and consider all solutions before you can proclaim your own recipe as the perfect one. You may have the best critics or testers from relatives and buddies.

Take the challenge and become a professional.

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