Basket of Fresh Fruit Cheesecake

Master and is very close to Grandma’s birthday, only a difference of 10 days only, on Friday just passed, we have to master to a small family celebration. Grandma would have done the last birthdaycheese strawberry cheese cake, the has also been contemplating what to do to master Shiyou birthday cake then? Because the master attaches great importance to health food, many, many things he does not eat for his birthday cake how to do from time to consider what his preferences? ………. All right mango, strawberries, then went to my Boss do not like, the snow was too cold all right cake, cream cake itself has not done well ……. trouble Yeah!

And because in October started very difficult to find time to surf the Internet and inspiration, once considered giving up their lives to recite the wholeMaximbuy a top file ……….. At this moment it suddenly in the “day taste the dessert “in a sweet strawberry fruit basket to see a cake, and then they had seen a DIY a delicious fresh fruit basket cake ………… but they both have use raw eggs as a material that is not the most appropriate to teach the children I worry about a part of the raw egg yolk mayonnaise to try it!

Fresh fruit basket cheese cake , “the entire 7-inch”

Ingredients: (6-inch round mold)

Preparation: 6 “sponge cake, two custard sauce (mayonnaise)

Filling: 135g cream cheese 30g sugar

Custard sauce 160g whipping cream 110g

3 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp fish powder (8g) 2 tablespoons of water

Custard sauce:


250ml milk 40g sugar 2 egg yolks 15g flour 15g cornflour


1. Milk half-cent increase in sugar pot to low heat and boil up

2. Yolk plus the remaining half were Beat sugar, sifted flour and cornstarch and mix well

3. To 1. Slowly added 2. In, mix sifted back into the pot boil after the sticky, go to a clean containers and covered with plastic wrap and let cool, you can use

Finger cake around edges:


Sugar 65g egg yolk protein 3 3 15g flour 60g cornstarch


1. Protein hit, blistering, Gradually add sugar and continue to fight to the enterprises themselves, bring the bowl-shaped when the peak was

2. Yolk mix, adding 1. Using squeegee mix well Sift all the flour and mix well, do not over mix

3. Into the jack to 1cm jack Tsui bags side by side jack in the baking tray in the middle can not leave gaps

4. Into the preheated 180 degree oven about 10-12mins, put out to stay in the furnace after the furnace more than 2mins before oven baked


1. Fish powder mix with water, dissolved water seat to no particles. Beat whipping cream to 6 percent, can be placed in the refrigerator first. Reserve

2. To have been at room temperature to soften the cream cheese with sugar with electric mixer beat until smooth

3. ??????????????????????????????? Beat butter and lemon juice

4. Joined the whipping cream and mix well then add the gelatine solution and mix well

5. With a 7 “round mold, around the first finger into a sponge cake cake central, cheese paste were poured into a half, sprinkle another piece of sponge cake, then half the remaining cheese paste were poured into

6. Put the refrigerator 2 hours or until set, put like cakes, fresh fruit can be

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